Hustler 5 btv warc band mods

Since you are ground mounting the exact radial length is not critical. I could've done it faster, but I took my time to make sure all measurements were right, and then took my time watching the neighborhood while I got it set up there's a street behind my backyard and I didn't want to call too much attention to this dude hoisting a foot pole up in his backyard! W6ZO Delta Loop - fed with 4: What it did actually do was flatten the swr curve so instead of having pronounced dips, I now have a flatter response so all in all, I am very pleased. The Snipe Pro Max is a fully automatic satellite antenna system ideal for use whilst away in your Motorhome, Horsebox or Boat. What other reviewers have said about close-in meter performance is true, but I don't play in the meter playpen very much. Ok, after having this beast for 2 months and adding two wires for 17 and 12, this antenna is still the best I have owned as far as verticles are. Macy. Age: 23. Adele is absolutely beautiful;words will never do her justice, she has hypnotizing brown eyes and long hair that flows perfectly down her shoulders,in terms of her body, what more can we say but wow!!!Adele is super sexy and has a great physique,she is toned and tight in all right places, very bubbly and outgoing, she love to have fun almost as much as she loves to put a smile on your face Stevie. Age: 26. My name is Rene

Vertical Antenna

The target application for. I can even give their tech support top reviews. The key has a different feel than that of any of my other straight keys and is fun to use. Secure wires to spreaders with plastic ties. As I built it, you can see there isn't much to it, but see if you can spot the problem before you look at the solution lower down the post? It may not be vertical, but the other guy will never know unless you tell him. The antenna is operable at a height of m or six or more feet above the ground. It takes about a half-hour to check all 24K locations. Even with a non-resonant whip antenna sitting in a basement window, I'm successfully receiving beacons from aircraft 50 or 60 miles away and the system is successfully sending these spots to the FlightAware Live Flight Tracking website link. The blower should also come up to speed and the transformer may run a little warm, but that's it! Again, tape over all spliced connections. To become familiar wfth our other fine pro- ducts in the amateur radio market, call or write for our free product and small parts catalog. Once this is ac- complished, an FSM and pilot-lamp bulb across L10 will show output only when you speak into the micro phone. Let's do some calcula- tions:

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Hustler 5-BTV Modifications - Transmission1

These are nice because they solder vertically to the PC board. C2 ro termine the Q of the filter and are reduced only in the case of the OH z input fit- ter since it must pass a rela- tively wide band of frequen- cies. This grounded-gate design still offers considerable gain but is rock stable. I won't give any firm guide- lines here, but allow enough room for at least 2 high-volt- age filter capacitors, the plate transformer, and the screen transformer the mul- ti-tap unit. A second crystal oscillator is variable vxo and injects, after multiplication, 55 MHz into the mixers for both the transmitter and the re- ceiver. Based on band conditions at the time, I've done no better or worse than anyone else out there, except for the guy using a beam at feet!

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